Karthik Ramasamy MBBS, FRCP, FRCPath, PhD. GenesisCare’s new Clinical Director for Haematology Services

Karthik is a Consultant Haematologist at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and GenesisCare’s new Clinical Director for haematology services. Karthik is also the Director of the Oxford Myeloma Translational Research Centre, the Lead Clinician for myeloma and other plasma cell dyscrasias at the Thames Valley Strategic Clinical Network, Divisional Lead for Cancer research for National Institute for Health Research, Clinical Research Network Thames Valley and South Midlands, executive member of the UK Myeloma Forum and is an active member of UK Myeloma Research Alliance.

Recently Karthik was also appointed as a trustee to the Myeloma UK Board.

Karthik believes in offering patients excellence in cancer care with a broad range of options including clinical trials. In his new role as Clinical Director of the newly formed Specialist Haematology Reference Group at GenesisCare, he wants to deliver on this firstly across the UK network and then with colleagues in Europe.

Haemato oncology care is undergoing an unprecedented transformation driven by greater disease understanding and novel therapies. Survival of patients has significantly increased in the last 5 years. Use of targeted therapy, biologics and cellular therapy is mainstream in Haemato oncology. State of the art imaging and genetic diagnostics should guide the use of these treatment options. GenesisCare has recently invested in significantly expanding its GenesisCare Oxford facility with a new Siemens 3T MRI and construction of a new PET-CT / Theranostic Suite is underway.

Karthik said:‘At the American Society of Haematology (ASH) 2018 congress further developments have been reported in myeloma an incurable haematological malignancy. Combination therapies in newly diagnosed myeloma patients are improving remission periods by a number of years. These remissions can be maintained by a new tablet treatment option (Ixazomib), reported at the congress. Newer treatment options, CAR T cells and BiTe therapies show significant promise. Put together, treatment pathways would be considerably different to what is currently offered to patients and GenesisCare are investing significantly to be at the tip of the spear for haematology innovation, 2019 will be an incredibly exciting year at GenesisCare’.

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