#InYourOwnWords – Kyle Woods, Lead Therapy Radiographer, Cambridge

GenesisCare is a team built on values that are designed to empower us to overcome any obstacle, and I think that’s really shone through in this challenging and uncertain time. Our local team have never felt more supported as we do right now by the wider business and leadership team, whether that is through the really simple but powerful things like our weekly open forum with our General Manager, or through the security of knowing we have teams working round the clock to acquire the PPE we need to keep us and our patients safe.

It’s important to share our success stories as well – now more than ever we need to shout about our unique model of care and the brilliant work that we do. An example from the Cambridge team is a SABR patient who was referred to one of our Oncologists on Thursday 16th April. He saw our consultant for a discussion & consent for SABR treatment on Friday 17th and was referred to us for radiotherapy at midday. The SABR Advisory Team reviewed the patient’s case via eMDT that weekend and we performed his scan on Thursday 23rd (just one week after his initial referral to the Oncologist). This is just one of the many fantastic examples that occur every day of how we can still pull together and give patients great peace of mind, and rapid access to the treatments they need.

Bravery to have a go – The daily bravery shown by the team here, and that’s everyone from clinical teams, admin team to the cleaning staff who are our silent heroes, continues to humble me. Although the daily PPE adds an extra dimension to our day and is often tiring and uncomfortable, everyone recognises the need to protect staff & patients in-centre. Whenever we’re finding it difficult, we have to stop and acknowledge there are many suffering from PPE shortages across the world & take stock of how lucky we are to be working in such a safe environment. Our team has thrown themselves into new ways of working, quickly adapting (often with a smile) to social distancing measures, working from home & the ‘screen & clean’ measures we’ve implemented in every centre – a massive THANK YOU from me for taking on board these new measures with such grace and positive energy.

Innovation every day – I continue to see innovation at every level in this company, despite the global pandemic offering us new challenges. I’ve seen this on the grand scale of throwing our energy & time into setting up rapid access diagnostic clinics for urology & breast patients across the nation, who are anxiously waiting for the diagnostic tests they need to confirm a life-changing disease, filling the gap left for those waiting to get onto life-saving treatment as soon as possible. I’ve also seen this every day on a smaller scale – a member of my team has designed straps that help make the masks that have become a normal part of our lives more comfortable to wear on long shifts, which has boosted morale here & made PPE all the more bearable. This all makes me incredibly proud to be part of such a fantastic team & GenesisCare family.

Partnership, inside and out and empathy for all –  I don’t think these values has ever been more relevant, and I put them together because I you can’t talk about one without referencing the other. Within GenesisCare, it’s more important than ever for us to support each other & check in with each other regularly – especially for those who are working from home and may feel more isolated. I’ve seen team members who have had rough days, and I have seen their colleagues help pick them up and carry them through. We’ve done our bit to keep team morale high here, moving our daily team huddle to Zoom to make sure we conform to social distancing guidance while keeping communication open. We’ve also hosted a Zoom ‘Pizza Party’ in-centre, giving everyone an energy boost on a Friday and bringing us all together (at least virtually) as much as possible.

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