Clinician update: BAUS guidance

As you will be aware both BAUS and RCR produced very helpful guidance on how to manage patients during Covid-19. This guidance was very useful and we have taken time to reflect on how this may impact on our private patients wishing to access treatment at GenesisCare during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The BAUS guidance is primarily targeted towards the vast majority of UK urology patients being assessed or treated with the NHS, quite understandably so. However, the GenesisCare centres have some unique characteristics, making them distinct from large NHS sites, particularly being Covid-19 cold, low footfall and specifically with no in-patient, operative or ITU facilities.

What we have learned over the course of the last couple of weeks is that different NHS departments around the UK are interpreting the guidance differently and therefore adopting different approaches to how the manage their patients. For clarity we felt it would be helpful to provide a unified GenesisCare response to our interpretation of the BAUS guidance and our intent today, and moving forward as we work through the challenges that Covid-19 may present.

Access our point by point response to BAUS guidance here.

Download the MRIdian brochure here.

We hope you find this approach helpful when evaluating your own practice within the GenesisCare network. Since the first UK Covid-19 case was reported on 19 February 2020, we have continued to treat patients whilst implementing appropriate measures to reduce the risk to our staff, to our patients and our clinicians. More patients than ever are wishing to access care and we feel well placed to provide that support whilst others are unable to do so.

Philip Charlesworth
Surgical Clinical Director
GenesisCare Urology Clinical Reference Group

Philip Camilleri
Uro-oncology Clinical Director
GenesisCare Urology Clinical Reference Group

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