Bupa Cromwell Hospital and GenesisCare collaborate to bring world-class radiotherapy services to patients in London

Sunday July 19th
  • Cancer patients will have rapid access to pioneering technology, with a new MR Linac capable of targeting tumours more precisely from spring 2020
  • The service will be the first of its kind in London outside of a research study
  • GenesisCare’s investment over the next year will also bring a wide range of high-end technology and personalised patient treatments to create a centre of excellence

Today, Bupa Cromwell Hospital and GenesisCare announce a new partnership, which will see GenesisCare bring its world-leading radiotherapy expertise to London. It will enhance the current Bupa Cromwell Hospital radiotherapy service to meet the growing demand for high quality oncology treatment in London and create an internationally recognised centre of excellence. The new centre will be called: GenesisCare Centre for Radiotherapy at Cromwell Hospital.

The expanding radiotherapy service will provide London’s most comprehensive combination of treatment options for all tumour groups, with integrated clinical pathways to Bupa Cromwell Hospital. The innovative technology which will be used within the centre includes a state-of-the-art MRI-Guided Linac and a Varian Edge to replace the tomotherapy machine for radiotherapy and a Gamma Knife Icon system for radiosurgery.

Our partnership officially commences in August 2019 and will provide patients with the only MR Linac in London used outside of research purposes. It is a technological step change in radiotherapy that significantly improves outcomes through more precise targeting of tumours, including those of the pancreas, liver, lung, prostate and breast. For most patients, it will reduce treatment time by more than half and minimise side effects.

Phil Luce, Hospital Director, Bupa Cromwell Hospital said the partnership is great news for patients: “We want Bupa Cromwell Hospital to be a centre of excellence in oncology. This partnership with GenesisCare will ensure our patients have fast access to market-leading radiotherapy services which caters to their individual needs. Working with GenesisCare means we will continue to deliver the outstanding treatment our patients expect and deserve.”

Dan Collins, GenesisCare CEO, added: “Delivering better outcomes and rapid access for patients is how we started and will always be our mission. The partnership with Bupa means we’re able to deliver on that goal in London – for the many local and international patients who will access our care. We will be bringing the world’s most innovative technologies and working with the very best doctors in oncology to provide the highest quality, evidence-based care. Our future together is exciting, and we are looking forward to keeping everyone updated on our progress.”

Over the coming months, GenesisCare will invest in team training and technology at Bupa Cromwell Hospital to improve the treatment pathway – utilising GenesisCare’s unique “Service of the Future” model which has been developed by combining best practices from some of the leading oncology hospitals and technology companies. Under the model, GenesisCare will also invest in redesigning the department to create a more patient-focused environment. They will also introduce new services including an innovative partial breast radiotherapy programme, a hydrogel programme to reduce side-effects for prostate cancer patients, and an exercise medicine programme.

This partnership builds on GenesisCare’s existing collaboration with Bupa in Australia where it has co-developed a cardiology database and its partnership with Sanitas in Spain.

If you are a patient currently receiving or have previously received radiotherapy treatment at the Bupa Cromwell Hospital, you can find out what will happen to your records within our privacy notice.

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