BAUS guidance webinar

Following the updated BAUS and RCR guidance on how to manage patients during Covid-19, Philip Charlesworth, Surgical Clinical Director and Philip Camilleri, Uro-oncology Clinical Director hosted a webinar to discuss GenesisCare’s response on how this may impact on our private patients wishing to access treatment at during Covid-19. The webinar discusses our intent today, and moving forward as we work through the challenges presented.

Listen here:

Due to time constraints on the webinar we were unable to answer the following question:

Is there a plan to support 5 fraction SABR prostate treatment at GenesisCare centres other than the MRL in Oxford?

Yes. The launch of this service development is currently under review by our Urology Clinical Reference Group to ensure all criteria are met in line with the PACE B protocols including imaging capabilities. A further update on the protocol will follow in the coming weeks. We are currently gauging the interest from Oncologists across of the network in order to prioritise a first wave of centres being mobilised. Feedback so far is mixed and therefore it is expected that not all centres will immediately be able to offer the PACE B protocol. Our aim is to enable the first wave of centres from July 2020.

During the ongoing current changes we’re keen to host similar webinar events on a more regular basis and welcome your feedback to ensure they remain informative and a valuable use of your time. Contact your local team via to submit your feedback.

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