Are you a qualified physiotherapist working in oncology? Or perhaps a qualified level 3 personal trainer?

Thursday August 20th

GenesisCare have many exciting opportunities…

At GenesisCare we prescribe exercise as an integral part of our cancer care. Before, during and after patients treatment. Doctors used to think that rest was the right answer. However, research shows that staying active can improve long term cancer survival rates and can also reduce the risk of the cancer returning.

Exercise, GenesisCare

Having a personalised exercise programme helps to achieve a better quality of life after treatment. We offer a programme designed by qualified physiotherapists and personal trainers that our patients can continue after the 12-week prescription period.

This gives the flexibility to patients to exercise before and after their cancer treatment, using onsite clinics making it easily accessible.

Last year as a trial we set up an exercise clinic service in Windsor offering patients, as part of their standard treatment plan, an additional option to sign up to a 12-week exercise plan. The response was great and delivered exceptional outcomes to patients pre/during and post treatment. We are excited to announce the exercise clinic service will now be rolled out across our centres in the UK.

The new exercise clinics open up opportunities for qualified physiotherapists to work as an exercise clinic lead at our state-of-the-art treatment centres with all modern and leading exercise equipment.

This crucial role will assess patients, plan and deliver exercise intervention programs and services to meet our objectives and the needs of the patients. We are looking for a physiotherapist who is experienced in developing and managing exercise programs, have industry-based experience and the ability to contribute to the development of the clinical profile of GenesisCare.

We also have positions for personal trainers to support the exercise clinic lead. These positions will be responsible for providing day to day co-ordination and delivery of the exercise medicine service. Working under the supervision of the exercise clinic lead to provide guidance and support to people with a prescribed exercise programme as part of their cancer treatment.

Exercise, GenesisCare

If you are interested in these or any of the positions available at GenesisCare, please apply via the links or contact a member of the recruitment team at

Join our innovative team and be part of helping our patients to achieve the best possible life outcomes.

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