Dr. Constantine Mantz

Constantine A. Mantz

Constantine A. Mantz
Constantine A.
Radiation Oncologist

Languages spoken

English, French, Greek

Expert in

Prostate cancer, Breast cancer



Dr. Constantine Mantz serves as Chief Policy Officer for GenesisCare. During the course of his career, he has been involved in numerous radiation therapy research projects, published professional journal articles and presented abstracts, poster sessions and lectures at national meetings concerning cancer treatment. Dr. Mantz has special interests in the study and treatment of prostate cancer and breast cancer. Dr. Mantz also has published and lectured on healthcare payment and delivery reform in oncology.

Career Positions

Current position(s)

  • GenesisCare - Chief Medical Officer and Radiation Oncologist, Fort Myers, FL



  • Loyola University of Chicago, BS, Biology, Chicago, IL
  • University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, Chicago, IL


  • University of Chicago Hospitals, Radiation Oncology, Chicago, IL


  • Hennepin County Medical Center, General Surgery, Minneapolis, MN

Expertise And Interests


  • Prostate, Breast, Lung, Colorectal, Head and Neck Malignancies

Professional associations

Awards and honors

  • Previously chief Medical Officer for 21st Century Oncology, Numerous Radiation Therapy Research Projects Publishing Peer Reviewed Articles in Professional Publications


  • Survey of current practices from an international task force for gynecological stereotactic ablative radiotherapy
  • A Medicare Claims Analysis of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Access to Radiation Therapy Services. View publication
  • The ASTRO Perspective on "Impact of Patient Stage and Disease Characteristics on the Proposed Radiation Oncology Alternative Payment Model (RO-APM) at a Large Academic Cancer Center"
  • Long-term Outcomes of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Low-Risk and Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer
  • Long-term Outcomes of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Low-Risk and Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer.
  • Multi-institutional Analysis of Prostate-Specific Antigen Kinetics Following Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT).


Pragmatic test of amino acid mixture/enterade ® for Gastrointestinal Toxicity in Cancer therapy

Steven Finkelstein, Constantine Mantz, Laura Luque, Paul Okunieff, 2017, Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC)

View Presentation


R. Allison, D. Remonde, S. Salenius, A. Hnatov, C. Ballenger, C. Mantz, E. Fernandez, S. Finkelstein, 2016, ESTRO

View Presentation


Eduardo Fernandez, Marshal Lieberfarb, Anesa Ahamad, Jeffrey Forman, Sharon Salenius, Rudi Ross, Constantine Mantz, 2017, ACRO

View Presentation


G.Olivera, S.Mo., S.Key, D.Parnell, Y.Chen, G.Fordyce, E.Fernandez, C.Mantz, S.Finkelstein, D.Galmarini, 2015, Varian Research Partnership Symposium

View Presentation


Dioval A. Remonde, BS, Ron R. Allison,MD, Sharon A. Salenius, MPH, Andrej Hnatov, MD, Cynthia Ballenger, MD, Constantine A. Mantz, MD, Eduardo Fernandez,MD,PhD, Steven E. Finkelstein,MD, 2015, ARS

View Presentation


Francisco A. Myslicki, Jesse Shulman, Sharon Salenius, Neal Shore, Constantine Mantz, Eduardo Fernandez, Steven E. Finkelstein, 2015, ARS

View Presentation


D. A. Hamstra, N. F. Mariados, D. K. Shah, S. M. Kurtzman, J. E. Sylvester, S. H. Zimberg, R. S. Hudes, L. Karsh, M. D. Logsdon, D. C. Beyer, M. Kos, R. A. Hsi, K. Forsythe, E. M. Soffen, P. M. Francke, H. Zhang, T. L. DeWeese, R. J. Ellis II, C. A. Mantz, W. R. Bosch, and J. M. Michalski;, 2016, ASTRO

View Presentation


Finkelstein SE, Salenius S, Cross CK, Allison RR, Shafman T, Mantz C, Fernandez E, 2016, ASCO

View Presentation


Johnson SB, Soulos PR, Shafman TD, Mantz CA, Ross R, Finkelstein SE, Collins SP, Suy S, Brower JV, Ritter MA, King CR, Kupelian PA, Horwitz EM, Pollack A, Abramowitz MC, Hallman MA, Faria S, Gross CP, Yu JB, 2016, ASTRO

View Presentation


Finkelstein SE, Forman J, Fernandez E, Chen C, Lieberfarb M, Salenius SA, Shafman T, and Mantz CA, 2016, ASTRO

View Presentation


Martinez A, Olivera G, Ghilezan M, Forman J, Kestin L, Finkelstein S, Mo X, Key S, Mantz C, Fernandez E, Galmarini D, et al., 2015, ASTRO Annual Meeting

View Presentation


Allison R, Salenius SA, Hnatov A, Ballenger D, Lichtblau D, Mantz CA, Fernandez E, Finkelstein SE, 2015, ASTRO Annual Meeting

View Presentation


Mantz CA, Abu Shahin F, Sandadi S, Orr J., 2015, ASTRO Annual Meeting

View Presentation


Kestin L, Fernandez E, Mantz C, Olivera G, Mo X, Key S, Finkelstein SE, Martinez A, Galmarini D., 2015, ASTRO Annual Meeting

View Presentation


Contantine A. Mantz, 2016, ASTRO

View Presentation


Daniel A. Hamstra, Dhiren Shah, Steven Kurtzman, John Sylvester, Shawn H. Zimberg, Richard S. Hudes, LawrenceIvan Karsh, Mark D. Logsdon, David Beyer, Michael Kos, R. Alex Hsi, Kevin Forsythe, Edward M Soffen, Patrick MFrancke, Hong Zhang, Theodore L. DeWeese, Rodney J. Ellis, Jeffrey Bogart, Constantine Mantz, Neil Mariados, 2017, Genitourinary Cancers Symposium

View Presentation


Mantz Constantine, Wallner Paul, Fernandez Eduardo B., Salenius Sharon, 2017, AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting

View Presentation


Mantz, Constantine, 2017, ACRO

View Presentation


Ron R. Allison, Sharon A. Salenius, Andrej Hnatov, Cynthia Ballenger, Anesa Ahamad, Constantine A. Mantz, Eduardo Fernandez, Steven E. Finkelstein, 2016, American Radium Society 100th Anniversary Meeting

View Presentation


Myslicki FA, Salenius SA, Shore ND, Mantz CA, Fernandez E, Finkelstein SE, 2015, ACRO Annual Meeting

View Presentation


A.T. Dang, C.R. King, D. Shabsovich, C.A. Mantz, K.L. Stephans, D.A. Loblaw, P. Cheung, M. Scorsetti, L. Cozzi, A.S. DeNittis, Y. Wang, N. Nickols, P.A. Kupelian, M.L. Steinberg, A.U. Kishan, 2018, ASTRO

View Presentation


N. Jiang, C.R. King, A.T. Dang, Y. Yuan, S.P. Collins, S. Suy, C.A. Mantz, L. Miszczyk, A. Napieralska, A. Namysl-Kaletka, N.G. Nickols, D. Shabsovich, M.L. Steinberg, P.A. Kupelian, A.U. Kishan, 2018, ASTRO

View Presentation


A.U. Kishan, A. Katz, C.A. Mantz, F.I. Chu, L. Appelbaum, D.A. Loblaw, I.D. Kaplan, H.T. Pham, M.K. Buyyounouski, D.B. Fuller, R. Meier, S.P. Collins, N. Shaverdian, A.T. Dang, Y. Yuan, H.P. Bagshaw, N.D. Prionas, N. Nickols, M.L. Steinberg, C.R. King, 2018, ASTRO

View Presentation


Naomi Jiang, Jessica Wong, Eric Horwitz, Richard Stock, Sean Collins, Simeng Suy, Constantine Mantz, Alan Katz, Leszek Miszczyk, Hilary Bagshaw, Nicolas Prionas, Mark Buyyounouski, Nicholas Zaorsky, Nicholas Nickols, Christopher King, Michael Steinberg, Patrick Kupelian, D. Jeffrey Demanes, Amar Kishan, 2019, ASTRO

View Presentation


Constantine Mantz, 2019, ASTRO

View Presentation


Lawrence I Karsh, Andrew J Armstrong, Christopher Pieczonka, Shaker Dakhil, Jeffrey Vacirca, Nicholas J Vogelzang, Raoul S Concepcion, James Bailen, Constantine Mantz, Ronald F Tutrone, Nancy N. Chang, Hong Tang, Bruce Brown, Mark C Scholz, 2019, AUA

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In the media

In the media

Immunotherapy costs drive Medicare spending increase for end-of-life cancer care

April 14, 2023

View publication

MRIdian® by Viewray: Cancer treatment in Fort Myers

MRIdian® by Viewray: Cancer treatment in Fort Myers

MRIdian® is the first MR-guided radiotherapy system with peer-reviewed evidence demonstrating reduced side effects and extended survival by decreasing treatment volumes and delivering ablative doses.

Your treatment will be provided by Dr. Constantine Mantz, one of our leading radiation oncologists who is specially trained to provide radiation therapy using the MRIdian®. They’ll work with a team who are also experts in this kind of advanced radiation therapy to review your referral and create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

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