World-class cancer care

GenesisCare is a premier provider of cancer and urology care. With more than 300 expert physicians in the US, as well as advanced technologies and treatments, we offer a personalized approach dedicated to your wellbeing.

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Wellbeing blog

When it comes to cancer, it can be difficult to navigate information and find reputable resources. We believe that when you feel informed, you can make better decisions about. That's why we offer our Wellbeing Blog, which discusses a variety of topics such as treatment, support, prevention and more.

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Cancer care close to you

We have 300 centers conveniently located across the United States, so you and your loved ones can get the best care, locally.

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Leading the way in research

We work to improve outcomes for each and every patient and partner with leading doctors to research new and better ways to treat cancer

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Treatment without delay

With cancer, every day matters and we won't keep you waiting for an appointment or to start vital treatment

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Who we are

Who we are
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GenesisCare is at the forefront of cancer, urology treatment and care

We believe that everyone should have the best for themselves and their loved ones and we are committed to providing world-class healthcare with the focus on our patients. To do that, we invest in the latest evidence-based techniques for our centers so every patient can have the personalized care they need, close at home.

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Why GenesisCare

Our goal is to change the way people experience treatment and care, especially for life-changing diseases such as cancer. We understand what it takes to achieve the best possible life outcomes and go further to provide it.

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GenesisCare attracts some of the most experienced doctors in the country. Find a doctor today.

Paul M. Ahearne


Surgical Oncologist

Asheville (General Surgery)

Mathew Luke


Medical Oncologist

Jacksonville (Medical oncology) +3

Kendrick McArthur


General Surgeon

Fort Myers (General surgery)

Eric S. Chenven



Fort Lauderdale (Urology)

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