What is APBI?

Accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) is a type of radiation therapy that is often used after breast cancer surgery to destroy any remaining cancer cells and help prevent a recurrence. The aim it to treat only the breast tissue surrounding the area that was removed during surgery with a high dose of radiation. The rest of the healthy breast tissue, lungs and heart receives much less radiation than other breast radiotherapy techniques. This means you should experience fewer side effects and that your oncologist can use a higher dose of radiation to confidently destroy the remaining cancer cells.

APBI can be delivered using external beam radiation therapy, where a machine delivers radiation from outside your body, or brachytherapy, which involves placing a tiny amount of radioactive material into your breast.

Cancer treatment and care is constantly evolving and this is one of many evidence-based treatments from around the world that we have adopted which has been shown to benefit patients. As well as clinical benefits, APBI can be delivered in as few as five to ten days, so you can focus on doing the things you love, while we focus on treating your cancer.

How does APBI work?

APBI may be suitable for you if you have early stage breast cancer where preserving your healthy breast tissue is a priority.

Side effects of APBI

The most common short-term side effect is mild skin irritation. Some people find their breast tissue becomes thicker or tender over time. Your radiation oncologist can give you more advice about what you’re likely to experience.

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