Precise radiation therapy

Intensity modulated radiation therapy treatment (IMRT) is an advanced radiation therapy technique that works by delivering customized beams of radiation that are shaped to match the shape of the tumor, delivering precisely controlled beams of radiation. 

At GenesisCare, we provide IMRT for a variety of cancer types at several of our centers. 

What is IMRT?

IMRT is delivered from outside the body and is a type of external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) that accurately and safely optimizes the intensity and shape of the radiation beam around the treatment area. This means it maximizes radiation dose to the tumor and avoids or reduces radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissues in order to limit the side effects of treatment.

What are the benefits of IMRT?

Shorter treatment delivery time

Shapes radiation intensity for precise and accurate targeting of tumors

Minimal dose of radiation to surrounding healthy tissues and organ

Typically fewer side effects than other radiation techniques

What cancer types does IMRT treat?

IMRT has the capability to treat a wide range of cancers, and is ideal for treating tumors close to critical organs.

At GenesisCare, we offer IMRT to treat:

Is IMRT right for me?

Several factors contribute to if IMRT is the right radiation therapy technique for you, including your cancer size, location and stage. Our radiation oncology team will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan, customized to your needs and goals, and advise if IMRT is an appropriate approach. 

What should I expect with IMRT?

Prior to radiation therapy with IMRT, you will need to undergo imaging scans to help us determine your personalized treatment plan. Your radiation therapy team will take an imaging scan to create a detailed view of your tumor and surrounding organs to establish the exact shape, size and location of your tumor. This is typically a CT scan.

Once your plan is complete, your treatment will begin. You will lie on the treatment table for each radiation session while the radiation beam moves around you. Typically, there is no pain associated with radiation delivery, and you should be able to return to your normal activities right after in most cases. The number of treatment sessions you need will vary on your individual plan. Depending on your individual situation, you may need small permanent markings placed on your skin to help with targeting the radiation.

Watch the video to learn more about what to expect during radiation therapy:

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