Dr. Eduardo B. Fernandez

  • Radiation Oncologist
  • Spoken languages English, Spanish


Career Positions

Current position(s)

  • GenesisCare - National Medical Director, Plantation, FL

Past position(s)

  • American College of Radiation Oncology - Vice President and Board of Chancellors
  • Aventura Hospital - Chief of Radiation Oncology, Aventura, FL
  • Cleveland Clinic Florida - Head of Radiation Oncology, Dual Appointment at Main Campus of Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Weston, FL



  • University of Malaga (European Union), PhD, Malaga, Spain
  • University of Malaga (European Union), Doctor of Medicine, Malaga, Spain


  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Radiation Oncology, Cleveland, OH


  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Medical, Surgical, Cleveland, OH

Expertise And Interests


  • Prostate, Breast, Lung, Colorectal, Head and Neck, Brain and Spine Tumors


Awards and honors

  • Multicultural Leadership Award - Florida Diversity Council; Honorary Member of the Radiation Therapy Society of the Dominican Republic; Leader in Medicine Award - Florida Medical Association; Distinguished Physician - Florida Medical Association; Two doct


  • Protection by Fluoride against Phthalocyanine induced photodynamic killing of Chinese Hamster Cells
  • Comparative Study of Ion F-Mediated Inhibition on Nuclear DNA Photodynamic Damage Induced by Dihematoporphyryn Ether and Chloro-aluminum-phthalocyanine in V-79 Cells
  • Analysis of Toxicity In a Group of Patients Treated for Pancreatic Cancer with Combined Modality 3-D Radiation Therapy
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Dioval A. Remonde, BS, Ron R. Allison,MD, Sharon A. Salenius, MPH, Andrej Hnatov, MD, Cynthia Ballenger, MD, Constantine A. Mantz, MD, Eduardo Fernandez,MD,PhD, Steven E. Finkelstein,MD, 2015, ARS

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Francisco A. Myslicki, Jesse Shulman, Sharon Salenius, Neal Shore, Constantine Mantz, Eduardo Fernandez, Steven E. Finkelstein, 20158, ARS

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Lacombe J, McClain K, Gonzales P, Fernandez E, Galmarini D, Dosoretz D, Zenhausern F, Finkelstein SE., 2016, ACRO

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E. Arrojo, E. Fernandez, L. Kestin, A. Martinez., 2016, ACRO

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Finkelstein SE, Salenius S, Cross CK, Allison RR, Shafman T, Mantz C, Fernandez E, 2016, ASCO

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Finkelstein SE, Forman J, Fernandez E, Chen C, Lieberfarb M, Salenius SA, Shafman T, and Mantz CA, 2016, ASTRO

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Martinez A, Olivera G, Ghilezan M, Forman J, Kestin L, Finkelstein S, Mo X, Key S, Mantz C, Fernandez E, Galmarini D, et al., 2015, ASTRO Annual Meeting

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Myslicki FA, Salenius SA, Rotterman YW, Mantz CA, Finkelstein SE, Fernandez E., 2015, ACRO Annual Meeting

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Allison R, Salenius SA, Hnatov A, Ballenger D, Lichtblau D, Mantz CA, Fernandez E, Finkelstein SE, 2015, ASTRO Annual Meeting

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Kestin L, Fernandez E, Mantz C, Olivera G, Mo X, Key S, Finkelstein SE, Martinez A, Galmarini D., 2015, ASTRO Annual Meeting

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A. Ahamad, S. Salenius, R. Ross, E. Fernandez, 2016, ASTRO

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Anesa W. Ahamad, Sharon Salenius, Chaundre K. Cross, Ron R. Allison, Eduardo B. Fernandez, 2016, ACRO

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Mantz Constantine, Wallner Paul, Fernandez Eduardo B., Salenius Sharon, 2017, AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting

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Ron R. Allison, Sharon A. Salenius, Andrej Hnatov, Cynthia Ballenger, Anesa Ahamad, Constantine A. Mantz, Eduardo Fernandez, Steven E. Finkelstein, 2016, American Radium Society 100th Anniversary Meeting

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Anesa Ahamad, Donald Weed, Darel Pruett, Daniel Saulpaugh, Eduardo Fernandez, 2016, American Radium Society’s 100th Anniversary Meeting

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Myslicki FA, Salenius SA, Shore ND, Mantz CA, Fernandez E, Finkelstein SE, 2015, ACRO Annual Meeting

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Clinical studies

Primary Objective - To determine whether men with NCCN high risk prostate cancer who are in the lower 2/3 of Decipher genomic risk (< 0.85) can be treated with 12 months ADT plus RT instead of 24 months ADT+RT and experience non-inferior metastasis-free survival.

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Eduardo Fernandez-Vicioso's Reviews


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His office did very well, and he's very nice and courteous and patient and gentle. And I really like him a lot. And he also put us both at ease about the cancer that I have. Thank you.


I really can not think of anything that could have been done to improve my experience. All of the staff; Dr, Nurses, and Office Staff are exceptionally knowledgeable, caring and professional. I felt more like a family member than a patient, thank you and God Bless you GenesisCare team for all you do!


Dr. Fernández was superb. Make me feel at ease and explained all in a very respectful manner.


I had questions about billing and I was referred to an 800. I called the 800 and they told me to call the office. Both parties I feel were more concerned with who told you to call than what I was asking. I cancelled the treatments until I can better understand the costs of the procedures.

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