What is a lung nodule?

A lung nodule, also known as a pulmonary nodule, refers to a small abnormality or spot detected on imaging studies. They may be identified incidentally while investigating other conditions or during routine screenings.1 They rarely cause symptoms due to their small size, but may cause coughing, wheezing or shortness of breath if they press on your airways.2

Assessing lung nodules

We understand that being diagnosed with a lung nodule can be concerning and so we aim to ensure that you will be contacted by our Clinical Nurse Consultant within two working days and reviewed by a Respiratory Physician within five working days of referral.

A thorough medical assessment and review of your case will be performed by our team. Most often no further action is required;1 if you do require further investigation, this will be arranged and coordinated through the Lung Nodule Clinic. You and your GP will be provided with the outcome and any recommendations following your appointment.

Who we are

Our Lung Nodule Clinic is made up of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) of experienced specialists and support staff who will strive to ensure you receive the best possible care and your questions are fully answered.

This includes respiratory physicians, radiologists (doctors who interpret scan images), pathologists (doctors who look at your cells under a microscope and interpret biopsy results) and nurses.

The clinic is designed to be a patient centric pathway for lung nodule diagnosis, and we aim to see you quickly in a professional and caring manner.

Why choose us?

Discovering a lung nodule can be challenging. For the majority of people, a lung nodule is not cancer,2 but assessment is a good idea to ensure it is benign.1

Our Lung Nodule Clinic aims to provide access to an experienced team to assess your nodule and determine if further investigation is needed. We will inform your GP and together arrange and coordinate your care, aiming to make it an integrated seamless service.

Our team is highly experienced in diagnosis and, if required, the treatment of lung nodules. You will be cared for and supported from the very first consultation through testing and discharge with reassurance or further investigation and treatment as needed. Your care will be patient centred and holistic.

If you have questions, at any time our Nurse will be available to talk to you. To access this clinic, please note that you will need a referral from your GP. It is recommended for a GP to contact us directly, for any further specific details.

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