Understand the best treatment options for your DCIS

DCISionRT is a risk assessment test which looks at the likelihood of your ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) recurring after surgery, the risk of the disease spreading, and the impact of radiation therapy in reducing that risk.

DCISionRT assists you and your doctor to select treatment based on the biology of your tumour, in addition to clinical pathology.

DCIS itself is not considered life threatening, however, a recent study suggested that women with DCIS have a 3-fold increased risk of death from breast cancer compared with women without DCIS because of the variations in treatment practice, due to geographical access and differing clinical protocols.1, 2

DCISionRT is a validated precision medicine test that provides information about a patient’s biological risk profile, assisting women to make informed and personalised treatment decisions.

There are no additional procedures required to complete the test – DCISionRT is done using the existing tissue from the biopsy or breast surgery. 

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