National societies’ needs as assessed by the ESTRO National Societies Committee survey: A European perspective



To determine how ESTRO can collaborate with Radiation Oncology National Societies (NS) according to its mission and values, and to define the new roadmap to strengthen the NS network role in the forthcoming years.


Materials and methods:
The ESTRO NS committee launched a survey addressed to all European National Societies, available online from June 5th to October 30th 2018. Questions were divided into three main sections: (1) general information about NS; (2) relevant activities (to understand the landscape of each NS context of action); (3) relevant needs (to understand how ESTRO can support the NS). Eighty-nine European NS were invited to participate. Respondents were asked to rank ESTRO milestones in order of importance, indicating the level of priority to their society.


A total of 58 out of 89 NS (65.2%) from 31 European countries completed the questionnaire. The majority of NS ranked “Optimal patient care to cure cancer and to reduce treatment-related toxicity” as the highest level of priority. This aligns well with the ESTRO vision 2030 “Optimal health for all together.” NS also indicated a high need for more consensus guidelines and exchange of best practices, access to high quality accredited education, implementation of the ESTRO School Core Curriculum at the national level, and defining quality indicators and standard in Radiation Oncology, improved communication and increased channelling of information.


The results of this survey will be used to strengthen the relations between ESTRO and European NS to promote and develop initiatives to improve cancer care.