Key learnings

Modern radiation therapy techniques for the treatment of keratinocyte carcinoma & skin field cancerisation

The GP education program is accredited by RACGP (5 hours – Educational Activities, 3 hours – Reviewing Performance) and ACRRM (3-Educational activity, 2-Performance review), and helps provide GPs with a holistic learning experience on the role of modern radiation therapy in the management of keratinocyte carcinoma and skin field cancerisation.

The learnings from this program include:

  • Disease presentations that may be suitable for radiation therapy
  • Treatment efficacy rates
  • Technological advances in radiation therapy
  • The patient care pathway

The learning modules are divided into 4 components, modules 1 – 3 are completed online at the learner’s own pace (approximately 4 hours). Module 4 is an interactive one-hour webinar with a local radiation oncologist, providing an opportunity to engage with the specialist on real-world case studies. These sessions are small (~10-15 participants) to encourage participation and provide an opportunity to ask direct questions.


Introduction to keratinocyte carcinomas and current treatments


Radiation therapy for keratinocyte carcinomas and skin field cancerisation


Management of radiation side effects; and the patient referral pathway


Interactive radiation oncologist-led webinar

Please use the code: SKINRT when registering for the online education program.

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Please use the code: SKINRT when registering for the online education program.

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