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Our center in Naples is proud to now offer Ethos™ therapy, exclusively at GenesisCare, the first of its kind in the state of Florida.  Ethos™ therapy is the newest cancer treatment system from Varian Medical Systems, designed to provide personalized cancer care quickly, safely, accurately, and comfortably.  Its advanced, state-of-the-art technologies provide us with the ability to manage and adapt the patient’s treatment each day to better target the tumor.

Ethos™ therapy is the long-awaited cancer-fighting solution that truly puts the patient at the center of care. With Ethos therapy, clinicians are able to view daily changes in patient’s anatomy right at the treatment console. Using this latest advancement in radiation therapy allows us to adapt to changes and create a highly personalized treatment. GenesisCare radiation oncologists now have advanced capabilities to constantly evaluate how patients respond to treatments and how their body changes throughout their course of care. They are then able to adapt their treatment plan within minutes delivering it quickly with high quality. In fact, what used to take two to three days, now can be accomplished in a typical 15-minute timeframe, from patient setup all the way through treatment delivery.  As patients go through treatment, anatomy can change; tumors can shrink; and healthy tissue and organs can move and shift in relation to their tumor’s location. Ethos™ was designed to better target the tumor, reduce dose to healthy tissue and organs, and improve overall outcomes. With its wide bore, quiet motors, and integrated camera and intercom system, Ethos™ therapy is designed to provide a positive experience in a reassuring and safe environment. The Ethos’s™ design features a leading-edge safety system to ensure each patient is comfortable, confident and at ease during every stage of treatment.

The addition of the Ethos™ therapy highly innovative treatment system is part of GenesisCare’s commitment to investing in the latest technological advancements, bringing world-class cancer care to patients in Southwest Florida.

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