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Patient stories

We believe patients can be our teachers and trusted advisers, benefiting from their unique experiences.

Paul's reflection on lung cancer

Paul's reflection on lung cancer

Listen to Paul as he shares his experience about being diagnosed with lung cancer after suffering a stroke, and his cancer treatment journey at GenesisCare. Paul feels that radiation therapy has helped him in his fight against cancer, allowing him to ‘make his mark on his life.’


Early detection was key for Dennis's prostate cancer

When it comes to prostate cancer, early detection is key. Listen to Dennis’s story on how he got diagnosed with prostate cancer after proactively getting a PSA test without having any symptoms. Dennis describes his care at GenesisCare as ‘extremely personal and extremely close’ and shares his newfound philosophy on life after GenesisCare. 

Brett's Non-melanoma cancer treatment

Managing Brett’s non-melanoma skin cancer

After Skinviva™, a GenesisCare branded program for the simultaneous management of locally advanced non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) and surrounding pre-cancerous skin, Brett got his confidence back and was excited to start living his life again.

Christina's breast cancer journey

Christina's personalized breast cancer treatment

Having someone explain a cancer diagnosis and treatment options in a personalized and compassionate way can make all the difference. Watch Christina share how this approach at GenesisCare helped her in her breast cancer journey.

Elizabeth's breast cancer care

Elizabeth's breast cancer journey

As a 35-year-old oncology nurse, Elizabeth unexpectedly found herself in the shoes of a patient after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Watch Elizabeth express how the GenesisCare team ‘brightened her day’ throughout her six weeks of radiation treatment. 

Grace's non-melanoma skin cancer journey

Managing Grace’s non-melanoma skin cancer

Grace was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on her nose and went through several dermatologic surgery procedures. Eventually, it was determined that she would need a much more invasive surgery or radiation therapy to fight the cancer.

After much consideration, Grace determined radiation was best for her. Hear her story to hear how she responded to radiation at GenesisCare, and her recommendation for others fighting skin cancer.

Cassandra's Breast Cancer Experience

Cassandra's Breast Cancer Experience

Due to a family history of cancer, GenesisCare patient Cassandra was always conscientious when it came to getting her annual breast screenings. That's how her cancer was discovered. Cassandra recently shared her story about why she traveled from Alabama to South Florida to receive treatment for breast cancer. Her breast surgeon Dr. Kathleen Minnick  and her radiation oncologist Dr. Alicia Gittleman worked together to utilize intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) as part of Cassandra's treatment plan. 

"When Dr. Gittleman described the options, she told me about this procedure, the intraoperative radiation, and it was a one-time thing of radiation. It was going to be helpful because it was going to go right on that tumor and that is why I chose it," says Cassandra.