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  • Genesiscare introduces latest treatment technology and world-class care to cancer patients in Southwest Florida

Genesiscare introduces latest treatment technology and world-class care to cancer patients in Southwest Florida

Cancer Patients in Southwest Florida to benefit as GenesisCare introduces latest treatment technology Amidst Rising Numbers of Late Stage Cancer Cases

Cape Coral, Fla., U.S. – GenesisCare, one of the largest oncology treatment providers in the U.S., is announcing today their official launch in Southwest Florida. GenesisCare is bringing innovative cancer treatments, world-renowned U.S. physicians, and the latest technological advancements to Floridians living with cancer.

GenesisCare Founder and Global Chief Executive Officer, Dan Collins, community representatives, patients, and staff will be gathering at the Cape Coral center in South West Florida to officially introduce GenesisCare and unveil two new world-class treatment technologies to the local community. This follows GenesisCare’s recent acquisition of a major integrated cancer care provider, 21st Century Oncology, increasing access to world-class cancer care for patients in more than 192 centers in Florida and 290 locations across the country.

Dan Collins said he was excited for GenesisCare to “raise the bar to transform cancer care access and outcomes right here in Florida. We are focused on ensuring as many cancer patients as possible receive the right care, at the right time, closer to home.”

A new trend report released by GenesisCare reveals local Floridians are delaying their annual cancer screenings and ignoring signs and symptoms of cancer, leading to an increase in patients presenting with later stage metastatic disease. Throughout the 192 GenesisCare cancer treatment locations across Florida, physicians have recorded a double-digit percentage of declines in new patient cases for curative breast, lung, and prostate cancers. In May 2020, GenesisCare saw a 26.22% decline in new breast cancer cases in Florida compared to the previous year, as well as a 31.44% decline in new lung cancer cases.

“During this pandemic, cancer doesn’t stop, and our committed clinical teams continue to prioritize keeping our centers safe and open,” said Mr. Collins.

Chief Policy Officer and GenesisCare Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Constantine Mantz said, “We want to remind Floridians the importance of continuing their annual health screenings and not ignoring early signs and symptoms of cancer. Early diagnosis and treatment of cancer are critical to improving patients’ outcomes, reducing the risk of mortality, and alleviating the burden of disease on the health system.”

“The latest evidence shows that the adverse outcomes associated with a delayed cancer presentation are far worse than those of contracting COVID-19. Never before has it been as important as now to present for a screening appointment, report a symptom you are worried about to your Primary Health Care Physician and not delay any aspect of cancer care,” continued Dr. Mantz.

As part of the investment in the local community, GenesisCare has introduced two new non-invasive cancer treatment technologies at its Cape Coral center, the Varian Edge and Varian Halcyon systems.

The Varian Edge and Varian Halycon are advanced linear accelerators that enable the delivery of highly targeted doses of radiation (known as stereotactic radiation therapy) to tumors of the lung, prostate, brain, spine, liver, pancreas, and other areas of the body. This technology will ease the treatment process for many patients with hard to treat cancers,” continued Dr. Mantz.


Quick Florida facts:

  • There are 52 GenesisCare treatment centers in SW Florida, including Collier and Lee counties.
    • In Collier County, there are 14 locations with more than 85 physicians, nurses, engineers, physicists, radiation therapists, and practice support team members to deliver radiation therapy, urologic and surgical services
    • In Lee County, there are 40 locations and more than 323 staff, including physicians, nurses, engineers, physicists, radiation therapists, and practice support team members.
  • Florida will receive 4 new non-invasive cancer treatment machines and advanced software as part of the acquisition, including the Varian Edge and Varian Halcyon at Cape Coral. The Varian Edge is the first of its kind in Southwest Florida.
  • A recent trend report released by GenesisCare reveals a 6.6% increase in patients presenting with later stage metastatic disease in Florida centers over the first nine months of this year.

The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2020, nearly two million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States. With an estimated 150,500 of these recent cases attributed to the Florida region, the state ranks second nationwide for new cancer cases this year.1

GenesisCare will continue to rebrand throughout Florida and across the country with upgrades to facilities, technology, new physician appointments, and more.

For more information on GenesisCare, visit genesiscare.com (formally 21st Century Oncology). To view the full list of precautions GenesisCare US centers are taking to ensure patient and staff safety, visit https://www.21co.com/patient-information/.


Official opening event details:

  • What: Official launch of GenesisCare in Florida, the unveiling of two new cutting-edge technologies
  • Where: GenesisCare, Cape Coral center, 1419 SE 8th Terrace, Cape Coral, Florida 33990
  • When: Thursday, 15 October, 9:45 AM for 10:00 AM start
  • Who: Founder and Global CEO, Dan Collins, clinical staff, patients, local press, community representatives


Spokespeople available for interview:

  • Patient
    • Janet Anderson – Breast Cancer Patient
  • GenesisCare:
  1. Global Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dan Collins
  2. Constantine Mantz, Chief Policy Officer and GenesisCare Radiation Oncologist, Cape Coral center
  • Community representatives:
  1. Attending from Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU)
    • Dean & Professor of the Marieb College- Dr. Ann Cary, PhD, MPH, R.N., FNAP, FAAN
    • Chair, Department of Social Work and Health Sciences- Thomas P. Felke, MSW, Ph.D. –
    • Program Director for Clinical Laboratory Sciences- Julie Zemplinski, MSH, MS, MLS(ASCP), M.B. (ASCP) –
    • Director of the Physician Assistant Studies- Robert Hawkes, MSPA-PA-C
  2. Chair of Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce- Matthew Connar
  3. Representative from Lee County Economic Development Office- Connie Ramos-Williams