GenesisCare expands its UK oncology network to bring world-class cancer care to patients in Bristol

  • The leading provider of private cancer care in the UK will offer patients in Bristol the latest cancer treatments, delivered within its globally-renowned network
  • GenesisCare has signed a deal to acquire Spire’s operating oncology site in Bristol and has entered into a separate partnership to deliver services jointly from the Spire Bristol Hospital
  • The ‘GenesisCare Bristol’ service will offer comprehensive cancer care to private patients, with Spire Healthcare continuing to provide complementary oncology services in the area

Today, GenesisCare announced that two Spire Healthcare cancer centres are joining its international network, bringing its world-leading radiotherapy expertise to Bristol for the first time.

The GenesisCare centres will integrate Spire Healthcare’s existing cancer diagnostics and surgical services to deliver an end-to-end package for patients across Bristol. The new model puts individual patient care at its heart, from the very start of their diagnosis, through to treatment, surgery and aftercare.

The two sites, currently owned by Spire Healthcare, will become part of GenesisCare from November 2019, and will offer advanced radiotherapy treatments, as well as modern chemotherapy treatments, the latest diagnostic imaging and personalised wellbeing services. GenesisCare is one of the only providers in the UK to offer theranostics, targeted nuclear medicine for the combined diagnosis and therapy of cancer.

The sites are the Spire Oncology Centre, South West in Bristol and the Spire Specialist Care Centre in Chelmsford, Essex. GenesisCare has also entered into a partnership with Spire Bristol Hospital to jointly deliver services. Patients at the Bristol centre will continue to receive seamless care throughout the transition.

James McArthur, UK General Manager, GenesisCare, said: “At GenesisCare we prioritise our patients’ wellbeing and access to high quality, innovative cancer treatment technologies. Through our partnership with Spire Healthcare in Bristol, we will offer patients a seamless journey through their cancer treatment, removing some of the common difficulties of switching between multiple providers and various locations to receive care. This exciting new model harnesses innovation and a multidisciplinary team approach to ensure every patient receives the best treatment and aftercare, from initial diagnosis and treatment planning through to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.”

The initiative is part of GenesisCare’s commitment to expand access in the South of England to some of the world’s leading radiotherapy technologies, currently limited or unavailable within the UK.

Justin Ash, CEO of Spire Healthcare, said: “Spire Healthcare’s main priority is high-quality care and safety for patients, and we believe that this partnership with GenesisCare who is a specialist in radiotherapy, is excellent news for oncology patients in Bristol, who will have greater access to comprehensive cancer care, when and where they need it.

“We anticipate that the partnership with GenesisCare will form the template for future partnerships and we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work towards rolling out similar care pathways in future locations.

“We are proud of our extensive network of 19 Macmillan Cancer units that provides diagnosis, chemotherapy and surgery. Via this partnership with GenesisCare we are excited to create a connected pathway for our cancer patients while focusing on our respective areas of speciality.”

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