Boca Raton (Breast surgery)


Berne - Surgery, part of the GenesisCare network, center for breast surgery

Harvard trained surgeon Dr. Evelyn Gonzalez Berne has vast experience in Breast Surgical Oncology and Benign Disorders of the Breast. She is a strong advocate for breast conservation with oncoplastic surgical techniques to obtain optimal cosmetic outcomes. She was mentored by Judah Folkman, the father of angiogenesis. Her basic science research established reliable angiogenesis animal models for the application of systemic inhibitors being used to treat malignancies in patients today. She has had a successful private practice for 13 years and has now joined our team in the fight against cancer.

What we offer

  • Any and all surgeries and or biopsy of the breast

Getting here

Parking is available in front of the office with several handicap spaces.


Opening hours

Mon and Wed-Fri 8am – 4:30pm