Global leaders in cancer care

Across the world, we have more than 440 centers offering the latest treatments and technologies that have been proven to help patients achieve the best possible outcomes. For radiation therapy, that includes over 130 centers in the US as well as 14 centers in the U.K., 21 in Spain and 36 in Australia. We also offer urology and pulmonology care in the U.S. in over 170 integrated medical offices. Every year our team sees more than 400,000 people globally.

GenesisCare is affiliated with nearly 1,000 expert doctors working together to design and deliver better ways to improve life outcomes for our patients. As part of a successful global company, we have access to world-class expertise and invest in the latest technology and treatments that have been proven to make a difference. Our highly skilled doctors and healthcare specialists work together to coordinate end-to-end care that’s focused on you, from symptoms and diagnosis to treatment and survivorship. With centers throughout the U.S., our integrated cancer care (ICC) clinics offer a range of specialties under one roof – so no matter your diagnosis, you can continue your treatment journey with access to leading professionals and the latest treatments in one place.

We believe that everyone should have the best for themselves and their loved ones and we are committed to providing world-class healthcare with the focus on our patients. To do that, we invest in the latest evidence-based techniques for our centers so every patient can have the personalized care they need, close to home.

We’re here to make things as easy as possible

  • With State-of-the-art clinics we provide world-class healthcare that focuses on cancer treatment—including advanced radiation therapies, the latest surgical techniques and medical oncology.
  • Our Advanced technology and latest-generation systems deliver highly targeted radiation therapy for effective treatments personalized to you.
  • We provide expert doctors with our network including of nearly 1,000 doctors who work together to deliver advanced cancer care.
  • Experience shorter treatment times with the use of our state-of-the-art radiation therapy resulting in treatments for some cancers can be delivered in days, not weeks.
  •  130 conveniently located radiation therapy centers across the U.S. and partnered with 180 integrated cancer care clinics, you can access world-class cancer care close to home.
  • Providing compassionate care for more than 30 years. We are committed to providing a comprehensive and compassionate approach to cancer care.
  • Access to a Global Network with more than 5,000 highly trained healthcare professionals and support staff globally, we are designing better care experiences to give you the best possible life outcomes.

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Treatment Options

Our expertise is in providing the latest evidence-based treatments as standard for cancer, as well as pulmonary and urological conditions. Our highly experienced experts work together with affiliated hospitals to ensure that you can access exceptional care, often within days of diagnosis.

Many of our centers offer fast access to cancer diagnostic technologies, including pathology tests like biopsies, and imaging scans such as MRI and mammography. This is offered as part of an integrated healthcare service with local hospitals and clinics, seamlessly supporting throughout your treatment journey.

With cancer, every day matters and we won’t keep you waiting for an appointment or to start vital treatment.

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