Know your roots, save your life

New research commissioned ahead of Men's Health Awareness week has revealed a shocking 84% of men aren’t aware if their parents have ever experienced breast or prostate cancer, with this figure rising to 89% when asked about their aunts and uncles, 90% when it comes to grandparents and as many as 93% aren’t aware if their brother or sister has ever had either condition.

Working with TV & radio broadcaster and former rugby union player, Ugo Monye, we're launching a new prostate cancer awareness campaign prompting people to ask their families more questions about their medical health to encourage early diagnosis and help protect their family and future generations from the disease.

Ugo recently met with ex non-professional rugby referee and GenesisCare prostate cancer patient, Andrew Gibson who collapsed on the pitch and was shocked to be diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer.

28% of men would proactively seek an early diagnosis from their doctor or hospital if they were made aware a family member had suffered from breast or prostate cancer



Fathers day card

As part of this campaign, Ugo, who lost his father to prostate cancer in 2021 and Andrew have helped design a Father's day card with a difference.

“Knowledge is power, and this special Father’s Day card really has the power to save lives. Knowing that a family history of prostate or breast cancer increases men's chances of getting prostate cancer is quite an eye opener.  No wonder 85% of men surveyed recognise the great importance of sharing their cancer diagnosis with family members.” - Ugo

Early diagnosis matters

Studies have shown men with a family history of prostate cancer have better survival rates, potentially because they have a greater awareness of the disease and signs or symptoms, with this self-awareness leading to earlier diagnosis and treatment.

Results from recent research shows 24% of men are more inclined to investigate their medical history once they know this increases their chance of getting prostate cancer, as they know the earlier the disease is discovered, the greater the treatment options are, and the better the outcome can be.   

Early detection of prostate cancer can significantly improve the chances of survival and allow for less aggressive treatment options

- Prof. Amit Bahl, Clinical Oncologist, GenesisCare UK


Worried about prostate cancer?

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Family history

While the cause of prostate cancer is not known, there are three main factors which can increase an individual’s risk of developing the disease, factors which individuals are not able to influence:  

  • Age - most cases are diagnosed in men over 50
  • Family history - of prostate OR breast cancer
  • Ethnicity - the risk increases from 1 in 8 to 1 in 4 for black men

When it comes to knowledge of family history, new research shows 84% of men aren’t aware if their parents have ever experienced prostate or breast cancer, with this figure rising even higher when asked about aunts, uncles, and grandparents.   

Know the symptoms of prostate cancer

Early prostate cancer doesn’t usually have any symptoms however urinary problems may develop as the tumour grows and starts to press on the urethra.


Other symptoms associated with more advanced cancer that has spread beyond the prostate include:

  • back or bone pain
  • difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection
  • blood in the semen or urine
  • weight loss

Having one or more of these symptoms doesn’t mean you have cancer. Other conditions such as an enlarged prostate can cause similar symptoms. However, you should see a doctor or private urologist so they can give you the appropriate medical advice and arrange any necessary tests, scans or treatment.

Know your risk

Because prostate cancer often doesn’t show symptoms in the early stages it’s vital to know whether you have a higher risk of developing the disease. Things that increase your risk include:

  • Age - it mainly affects those over 50
  • A family history of breast or prostate cancer
  • Having a BRCA gene mutation - BRCA genes are important for normal cell growth
  • Being of black ethnicity
  • Being overweight


Why choose GenesisCare?

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