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We are the UK's leading independent specialist cancer care provider. We’re transforming cancer care, with fast access to advanced tests and scans, medical oncology, radiotherapy and Theranostics, to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. 

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We offer the latest tests and treatments for all adult cancers, from initial symptoms to advanced conditions. Recognised by all major private insurers, with self-pay options available. Book an appointment to discuss how GenesisCare can help you.

Why choose private cancer care with GenesisCare?

Fast access

One in two people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime. But early diagnosis and fast access to the right treatment can make a difference.

Groundbreaking care

Our standard of care includes advanced tests and treatments not routinely available, delivered by expert consultants to diagnose and treat all adult cancers. 

Personalised treatment

We know every cancer and every person is unique, so, a personalised approach to cancer care and treatment is key to achieving the best possible outcomes. We'll tailor your treatment for your particular needs.

We work closely with our patients to ensure they receive personalised and effective treatment as well as a positive experience

Yasmine Tate, Lead therapy radiographer at GenesisCare Cambridge

Our approach

We know what it takes to provide excellent cancer care, and how it can change lives. That’s why we go further to achieve it. 

We believe that everyone is unique and deserves treatment experiences designed specifically for them. Our teams of expert oncologists, surgeons and cancer nurses assess every patient and carefully build a personalised care plan to ensure they get the best outcome possible.

As the UK’s leading independent provider of cancer care, GenesisCare provides fast access to the latest diagnostics and treatments at 14 outpatient centres across the UK. Our cancer treatments include:

  • Advanced radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Exercise medicine
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeted therapies
  • Theranostics
  • Palliative care
  • Wellbeing programs

We treat all adult cancers and offer world-class treatment without delay. 

Payment options

Treatments are available using private medical insurance or can be self-funded. We’re recognised by all private medical providers, including Bupa, AXA PPP, Aviva and Vitality. We’re always happy to answer any questions and concerns you may have

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