Breast cancer is not one disease

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, another 5,000 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer1. Advances in treatments are making a positive difference, and so we want to raise awareness of how early diagnosis opens more therapeutic options and how to get fast, easy access to the latest scans, tests, and treatments without delay.

1 in 7 women in the UK will get breast cancer in their lifetime. Although it’s less common, men can also develop breast cancer in the small amount of breast tissue behind their nipples. 

While breast cancer touches so many lives, lots of people don’t know there’s more than one type and that there are different treatments for each. 


1 Breast Cancer Now

There are many different types of breast cancer. We have options available for all our women.

Professor P G Roy, Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, GenesisCare UK

The importance of early diagnosis

People have a greater chance of beating breast cancer today than ever before, thanks to advances in treatments. Early diagnosis is the key to making the most of these treatments, because it means you have more options available and the chance for better life outcomes. 

Having breast cancer doesn’t always mean having your breasts removed through surgery (a mastectomy) or needing chemotherapy. A treatment plan with us will be personalised to the type and stage of breast cancer, using the most advanced options available. 

Knowing the ten signs of breast cancer and checking yourself regularly can make a big difference to catching cancer early.

If I had spoken to someone and got it checked out when it was just a pea-sized lump, my treatment would have been very different


Ruth Hardy, breast cancer patient

What to do if you notice breast changes

Don’t wait. Visit a clinic or GP straight away if you notice any changes in the look and feel of your breasts. Experiencing symptoms doesn’t always mean you have cancer, but it’s better to check and be sure

If you’re concerned about symptoms, you can visit our one stop breast cancer clinics and be seen by an experienced breast consultant, often within 24 hours.

A one stop breast cancer appointment includes:

  • A consultation and medical examination with a consultant breast surgeon
  • An ultrasound scan, mammogram, or both

Fast results

When it comes to cancer, nobody should have to wait. At our one stop breast clinics you’ll be able to discuss your scan results on the same day with your consultant.

If you need any further tests or treatment, you’re in the right place at GenesisCare. 

I was so relieved to be seen quickly and the staff at GenesisCare in Windsor helped me remain calm. I felt I was in the safest place for my care, which began quickly after my diagnosis.

Yulia, GenesisCare One Stop Breast Clinic patient 

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Private mammograms

We understand breast cancer can be a worry, even if you don’t have symptoms. 

If you’re over 40 without symptoms, are not pregnant and haven’t had an NHS or private mammogram within the last 12 months, you can book a private mammogram with us for that extra peace of mind.

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If you've any concerns about your breasts, speak to our expert team

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Breast cancer treatment at GenesisCare

Our expert breast cancer teams work together to design a personalised treatment plan tailored to your diagnosis and preferences – starting within days of diagnosis. 

We use the latest treatments, including genomic profiling, surgery (and reconstruction), anti-cancer drugs and radiotherapy. 

Why choose GenesisCare?

We treat thousands of patients each year at our specialist outpatient centres across the UK, equipped with cutting edge technology to diagnose and treat breast cancer. 

Our patients have fast access to the latest scans, tests, and treatments without delay,  when and where they need it. This includes additional support with access to exercise medicine and wellbeing therapies, proven to ease symptoms and aid recovery. These are provided at no extra cost to you or your insurer.



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