Our Women’s Center

At GenesisCare, we design personalized care experiences that get the best possible life outcomes. Our new Women’s Center provides multidisciplinary breast health care from mammography to diagnosis to post-treatment follow-up – extending integrated and comprehensive care to the women of our community.

GenesisCare is a first-of-its-kind, global network of over 5,000 dedicated cancer specialists. Our physicians bring the most promising advances in science from across the US and around the world right to your community.

We design care experiences that get the best possible life outcomes. Our purpose and values guide all our actions today and for the future. When you entrust your breast health treatment to GenesisCare, you get the collaboration of thousands of the world’s most brilliant cancer minds. That means successes in Sydney lead to recoveries in Sunnyvale. And advanced research becomes breakthrough treatments.

GenesisCare is proud to offer our patients:

  • Exceptional care close to home
  • Quick access: Many of our patients are seen within 2-3 days of their first call
  • Seamless care: We accept all major insurances and work with them to get the right help when you need it most
  • Advanced diagnostics with Hologic®’s 3D mammography and DXA system
  • A personalized approach to care: Access to advanced testing, like DCISionRT®, is a valuable tool to help guide treatment plans and make fully informed decisions about your care
  • Innovative treatments: Leading-edge technologies, like AlignRT®, allow for unprecedented accuracy, quicker treatment sessions, a reduced risk of side effects, tattoo-free treatments and heart-sparing techniques, like deep inspiration breath hold (DIBH)

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Personalized approach with Innovative treatments and diagnostics

Innovative treatments focus on precision, accuracy and safety. GenesisCare physicians are at the forefront of research and are continually looking for ways to improve treament options while minimizing patient risks and side effects.

If you are just starting your breast cancer treatment, or you know radiation therapy is required, be sure to speak with a GenesisCare specialist. In close collaboration with your oncologist, we work together to develop the right therapy plan for you, all while leveraging our leading-edge technologies, global clinical trials network and unmatched care experience.

Our expert physicians and world-class Texas centers

Your comprehensive breast care team includes a radiologist, medical oncologist, breast surgeon, radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, dosimetrists, physicists, nurses and an extended team – all focused on delivering the best possible life outcomes for you.

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