BMS CA209-234

Pattern of Use and Safety/Effectiveness of Nivolumab in Routine Oncology Practice


BMS CA209-234


The study will collect data primarily from oncology care facilities in Australia, the EU,Switzerland, and the US. Electronic case report forms will be used by study investigators orqualified research staff members to enter data. As part of the routine care, study investigatorswill evaluate or ask patients about their disease history, treatment history, and any AEexperienced at the time of patient enrollment and during the study period. If an SAE is treatedoutside of the study sites, the information about the SAE, management, and outcomes will beobtained by study investigators or study staff from the healthcare facilities where patients’ SAEsare treated and managed in compliance with country regulations for human research ethics andprivacy.> Treatment with commercial Nivolumab for the 1st time (alone or with ipilimumab)> Observational registry study which requires no extra visits.



North Florida / Jacksonville

Maddie Hamilton