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We work closely with leading health professionals and healthcare services to provide many of the world’s latest treatments and technologies that help patients achieve the best possible outcomes

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As a global network and the largest radiation oncology provider in the U.S., we have access to world-class expertise and the latest innovations across multiple specialties. Whether you’re joining as a physician, into a group, hospital venture, or management arrangement, we help you focus on treating your patients. With a sophisticated management and support center infrastructure, we offer our partners expertise, scale and clinical excellence.


Hospital joint ventures

Collaborating with us in a hospital joint venture means we share expenses and profits based on capital investment and work together to manage and set strategy and expectations. A GenesisCare Management Agreement means you and your business are protected.

With centralized operational expertize, we share financial and operational oversight, marketing, technology, purchasing power, compliance, quality and research, and human resources.


Joining the network means joining a partnership model or group. Our expertise covers a range of medical specialties and we have a broad experience of technologies on a global platform. Partnering with us means access to clinical and quality leadership, local market density, and our innovative integrated care oncology model.

Management arrangements

A GenesisCare management arrangement gives you access to expert operational and clinical leadership and allows physician to participate in leadership opportunities, research and clinical trials, and data and expertise sharing through our network of oncology providers.

We take responsibility for day to day management while offering the benefits of a global organisation – expertise, service agreements, buying power, problem solving, investment and more – to allow you to focus on offering your patients complete care.