Skinviva Regenerative Radiation therapy

At GenesisCare, we use the latest techniques to get the best results possible.

What is radiation therapy?

You may have heard of radiation therapy (also called “radiotherapy” or just “radiation”) as a treatment for many types of cancer. Radiation therapy targets cancer cells with specific doses of radiation while carefully avoiding healthy cells. The radiation damages cancer cells to prevent further growth. Radiation also helps to stop pre-cancerous cells from becoming cancerous.

What is Skinviva?

At GenesisCare, we use the latest techniques to get the best results possible. Skinviva™ therapy is a modern type of radiation therapy that is used to treat NMSC.

Is Skinviva right for me?

Your healthcare provider will help you understand what the best treatment option is for you. Because it can target and treat such specific areas of your skin, Skinviva™ may be a good option if you:


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Patient testimonial

After Skinviva™, Brett felt more confident and was happy to start going out again.

This is Brett’s personal experience with Skinviva™. As with any treatment, individual results will vary. Be sure to talk with your healthcare provider about whether Skinviva™ is the right option for you.


Who are the ideal candidates?

You maybe an ideal candidate for Skinviva if:

Here are some examples of some patients who have been treated with Skinviva on specific areas.


Before treatment
After treatment

Upper back

Before treatment
After treatment

Lower leg

Before treatment
After treatment


Before treatment
After treatment

Lower arm

Before treatment
After treatment

Anterior - Upper chest

Before treatment
After treatment

Skinviva treatment journey

Our doctors, nurses, and staff are here to support you at every step along the way! Once you’ve been referred to GenesisCare for Skinviva therapy, here is what you can expect:


This appointment will be with your radiation oncologist. He or she will review your history and do an exam to make sure Skinviva is right for you.

CT Scan and Skinviva plan

7-10 days before you start Skinviva, you will have a CT scan of the area that will be treated. Also, you will be fitted with a custom-mold to ensure the perfect tailoring of the treatment to your body. You will also meet your radiation therapist and get your personal Skinviva therapy plan.

Pre-Skinviva meeting

Before Skinviva starts, you will meet with a nurse. He or she will give you more information, answer your questions and tell you how to care for your skin between sessions.

First Skinviva session

At your first session, your radiation therapist will make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. This first appointment should take 20 to 30 minutes.

Your Skinviva therapy

The rest of your appointments should take 10 to 15 minutes each. The Skinviva session itself is usually 6 to 10 minutes. Generally, people have Skinviva once a day, Monday through Friday, for around five weeks. The number of sessions you have will depend on your Skinviva plan.

Follow-up care

At your last session, your nurse will go over your follow-up care plan. He or she will also let you know who to contact if you have any questions. Your radiation oncologist will schedule a follow-up appointment shortly after you finish Skinviva.

FAQs about Skinviva

Usually, there is no preparation needed for your first session. If there is anything specific you need to do, the GenesisCare staff will let you know. If you are feeling unsure about anything or have questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

This will be different for everyone. You should talk to your doctor and the GenesisCare staff about cost and coverage.

You only need to stay at the GenesisCare office for the length of your appointment (usually about 10 to 15 minutes). We will work with you to arrange an appointment time that fits your schedule.

Many people who have had Skinviva say the process is not painful—in fact, it is often compared to having an x-ray.

You may experience some pain or discomfort as your skin begins to react to the treatment.

There are risks and side effects associated with radiation therapy, and you should discuss these with your healthcare provider before deciding if this treatment is right for you.

Side effects will be different for everyone, but you may have redness, dryness, itching, swelling, and/or pain. These reactions are normal and will usually go away gradually. Your nurse will give you more information, and will be available to help you manage any side effects you might experience.

You will probably notice that your skin will look worse before it looks better. It may be red, dry, and/or irritated, like a sunburn. This is a completely normal response to Skinviva. The most noticeable reaction usually happens toward the end of your sessions. It may last for up to 2 weeks after you finish treatment.

Healing time will vary depending on your skin and the area that was treated. It generally takes 4 weeks after finishing Skinviva for your skin to heal completely.

At your last session, we will schedule a follow-up appointment. After that, you should return to your usual appointments with your primary care provider and/or your dermatologist. You can always call us if you have questions or concerns about Skinviva or the area that was treated. We are here to support you as long as you need.

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Financial and insurance information

We know you may be worried about your insurance and how much of your treatment will cover. That’s why each of our locations has a dedicated Office Financial Counselor on hand to help you with your paperwork and answer your questions. We accept most insurance plans as well as Medicare, Part B, which covers physician services.
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