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Comparison of germline mutations in African American and Caucasian men with metastatic prostate cancer

Authors: Shore Neal D., MD, FACS; Elisa M. Ledet PhD; Earle F. Burgess MD; Alexandra O. Sokolova MD; Ellen B. Jaeger BS; Whitley Hatton MS; Marcus Moses MS; Patrick Miller MPH; Patrick Cotogno MS; Jodi Layton MD; Pedro Barata MD; Brian E. Lewis MD; Mari Nakazawa MD; Jason Zhu MD; Beth Dellinger MS; Sara Elrefai MD; Nellie N. Nafissi MD; Jan B. Egan PhD; Rana R. McKay MD; Alan H. Bryce MD; Heather H. Cheng MD, PhD; Emmanuel S. Antonarakis MD; Oliver Sartor MD

Journal: Wiley Online Library - The Prostate, volume: April

Year: 2021

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Combined advanced prostate cancer treatments: are they additive?

Authors: Shore Neal D., MD, FACS; Abhishek Srivastava

Journal: Nature Reviews Urology

Year: 2021

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Niraparib with androgen receptor‑axis‑targeted therapy in patients with metastatic castration‑resistant prostate cancer: safety and pharmacokinetic results from a phase 1b study (BEDIVERE)

Authors: Shore Neal D., MD, FACS; Fred Saad; Kim N. Chi; Julie N. Graf; Edwin M. Posadas; Jean‑Baptiste Lattouf; Byron M. Espina; Peter Francis; Eugene Zhu ; Vinny Hayreh; Arash Rezazadeh Kalebasty; Alex Yu; Anasuya Hazra; Marc De Meulder; Rao N. V. S. Mamidi ; Branislav Bradic

Journal: Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology, volume: March

Year: 2021

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Superficial X-Ray Therapy for Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer of the Head and Neck: Comparative Analysis of H-Zone versus non-H-Zone lesions

Authors: Mehta Niraj, MD; Daniel Grossi Marconi; Bruno da Costa Resende; Erick Rauber; Paula de Cassia Soares; Jose Maria Fernandes, Junior; Niraj Mehta; Andre Lopes Carvalho; Patrick A Kupelian; Allen Chen

Journal: PLOS, volume: July

Year: 2016

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Stereotactic radiation therapy for prostate cancer: Rational and Reasonable.

Authors: Mehta Niraj, MD; Patrick Kupelian; Chris King; Michael Steinberg; Steven E Finkelstein; Eduardo Fernandez

Journal: Practical Radiation Oncology, volume: May-June

Year: 2015

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Safety and efficacy of stereotactic body radiation therapy in the treatment of pulmonary metastases from high grade sarcoma

Authors: Mehta Niraj, MD; Michael Selch; Pin-Chieh Wang; Noah Federman; Jay M. Lee; Fritz C Eilber; Bartosz Chmielowski; Nzhde Agazaryan; Michael Steinberg; Percy Lee

Journal: Sarcoma

Year: 2013

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Importance of PSA Bounce in Patients treated with HDR Monotherapy for Prostate Cancer.

Authors: Mehta Niraj, MD; Mitchell Kamrava, MD; MD Jeffrey Demanes, MD; Pin-Chieh Wang, PhD ; Michael Steinberg, MD

Journal: Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, volume: 86, ISSUE 4, pages 729-733

Year: 2013

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Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy and Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy for Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC): A Pooled Analysis of Biological Equivalent Dose (BED) and Local Control.

Authors: Mehta Niraj, MD; CR King; N Agazaryan; M Steinberg; A Hua; Percy Lee

Journal: Practical Radiation Oncology, volume: 2 No. 4, pages *CME Article

Year: 2012

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Management of T1/T2 Rectal Cancers with Transanal Excision and Radiation Therapy.

Authors: Mehta Niraj, MD; Daniel T. Chang ; Percy Lee

Journal: Lower GI Malignancies. Radiation Medicine Rounds 2. , pages 323-334

Year: 2010

Transrectal Ultrasound-Guided Prostate Brachytherapy

Authors: Sylvester John E, MD; Blasko J., Grimm P

Journal: Image-Guided Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer (D’Amico A, Loeffler J., Harris J. eds), Totowa, Humana Press, pages 119-154

Year: 2003

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