7 things you should know about breast cancer screening

World Cancer Day 2023

Together we can do more

World Cancer Day is held every year on February 4th with a goal to raise awareness, provide education and help prevent cancer deaths globally. Part of this mission includes addressing inequalities in cancer care. 

Unfortunately, the equity gap in cancer education and care is a reality for  countries everywhere. While cancer negatively effects people from all walks of life, there are some people that have less access to education and advanced treatment options: 

Note: statistics taken from WHO 2022; worldcancerday.org.

This World Cancer Day, we are encouraged to see the power of working together to reduce the care gap and inequity. By improving education about cancer and symptoms, and increasing access to treatment and services, outcomes and survival rates may be improved.

The first way to begin reducing this equity gap is by educating yourselves, on cancer screening and prevention. Learn more about recommended screenings by age and cancer type at:

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it’s important to educate yourself on your options. There have been proven advancements in treatment and technology over recent years, which have helped contribute to better outcomes and quality of life. At GenesisCare, we are firm believers in providing people from all walks of life with knowledge. Everyone deserves access to the best possible treatments available, when and where they need it most. As we make a personal commitment to provide cancer education and awareness across our global network, we encourage you to help us reach more people by sharing information. 

Together, we can reduce the cancer care equity gap.

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