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Introducing the MRIdian® MR Linac

Technology that targets moving tumors

An MR linac is an advanced radiation therapy technology that combines high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning techniques with extremely powerful radiation therapy beams to treat tumors more accurately and quicker than conventional radiation therapy which uses computed tomography (CT) scans to guide treatment.

The benefits of MRIdian®

Real-time images for accurate targeting

  • Tumors change, even over short periods of time. So, with each round of treatment, a new MRI is performed, and the radiation therapy is adjusted to ensure that the tumor is being targeted and that healthy tissues are being spared.
  • MRIdian® has automated beam control, so if your tumor temporarily moves out of position, such as when you breathe, your treatment will automatically pause.

Treatment within days instead of weeks

  • With MRIdian®, radiation is much more focused than conventional radiation therapy, meaning fewer treatments are required. For example, you may need up to 37 treatments to treat some cancers with conventional radiation therapy, but with MRIdian® you may only need five. This type of radiation therapy is sometimes called stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR). Many cancers can benefit from the increased accuracy and daily optimization that the MRIdian® offers.

Reduced side effects and improved quality-of-life

  • Adaptive radiation therapy means higher radiation doses can be given to tumors that would not be possible with other techniques without substantially increasing side effects. This means that there is a higher chance of tumor control, without compromising quality-of-life.

Is it for me?

  • MRIdian® radiation therapy can often provide a benefit in most cancers outside of the brain. It may be suitable for you because of previous treatments or if your tumor is surrounded by healthy tissue.
  • As each treatment can take over an hour, you must be comfortable lying within the MRIdian® for extended periods of time.
  • Our expert physicians will discuss your diagnosis, treatments to date and overall health with you in detail before advising if this is right for you.

The MRIdian® will be available in our Fort Myers office starting in March 2023.

Patient experience

Hear from Doug about his experience with MRIdian. 

Metastatic Cancer Patient