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We believe that everyone should have the best for themselves and their loved ones and we are committed to providing world-class healthcare with the focus on our patients. To do that, we invest in the latest evidence-based techniques for our centers so every patient can have the personalized care they need, close to home.
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Dr. Ling

Radiation oncologist

"I like to empower my patients with the knowledge to take charge of their cancer care. Treating cancer means treating the whole patient and not just the disease. I always strive to deliver the best possible treatment by listening and working together with my patients to achieve their goals. "

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Dr. Barnes

Radiation oncologist

" I became an oncologist because I want to cure cancer. Cancer has affected my family and so I also want to do everything in my power to give patients a better quality of life and also be there for them emotionally. Fighting cancer is hard but worth the fight and I always looking forward to seeing my patients happy and doing well in follow-up appointments. "

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Integrative Oncology: providing end-to-end care focused on you


When fighting cancer, taking care of yourself – body, mind, and spirit – can help you better tolerate treatment, manage side effects, and improve quality of life. However, many patients are not aware of the appropriate steps to improve their health during treatment.

Research studies have shown that:

  • 80% of cancer patients may suffer with malnutrition, and as little as a 5% weight drop can be associated with a poorer outcome¹
  • 40% of cancer patients say they take dietary supplements²
  • Less that 50% of oncologists discuss supplements with their patients³, even though some can cause harmful interactions when combined with certain cancer treatments
  • 32% of cancer patients are diagnosed with one or more mental health issues, including anxiety and depression⁴
  • 75% of people reduce their physical activity after being diagnosed with cancer⁵

At GenesisCare, we design care experiences that deliver the best possible outcomes.

To support our mission, we now offer supportive therapies which incorporate the practices of integrative oncology and functional
medicine. These services may improve quality of life and clinical outcomes, and allow us to provide whole person care that’s focused on you, not just your cancer diagnosis.

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