Genesiscare Boca Raton radiation oncology
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Boca Raton (Radiation oncology)

Boca Raton (Radiation oncology)

Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm


GenesisCare center for radiation oncology

What we offer:

  • True Beam-Respiratory Gating
  • IGRT
  • IMRT
  • 3D
  • SBRT
  • Electron HDR
    • Breast
    • Skin
    • Gyn
    • Prostate

ACRO Accredited Center

ACRO's mission is to support Radiation Oncology professionals by providing opportunities for career development and practice improvement to enhance patient care. Accreditation is a voluntary process in which professional peers identify standards indicative of a quality practice, and an audit is conducted to assure that these standards are followed.

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Skinviva is a GenesisCare branded program developed to simultaneously treat confirmed non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC), as well as the surrounding pre-cancerous skin (often associated with sun damage) utilizing modern radiation techniques. You may be an ideal candidate for Skinviva if:

  • You have newly diagnosed, persistent or recurrent NMSC on irregularly shaped body regions, with surrounding precancerous skin changes (often revealed as reddened, thickened or lumpy skin). 
  • Your NMSC is in an area not conducive to surgery, or where surgery might produce unsatisfactory functional outcomes.

Getting Here

Boca Raton (Radiation oncology)

Opening hours

Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm

Parking information

Located in the office park of Florida Atlantic University (FAU)


Anurag Agarwal


Radiation Oncologist

Boca Raton (Radiation oncology) +2

Ben H. Han


Radiation Oncologist

Boca Raton (Radiation oncology) +3

Vinay Sharma


Radiation Oncologist

Boca Raton (Radiation oncology) +3

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