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Northern California Patients Now Have Access to Noninvasive Varian Edge Cancer Treatment

GenesisCare Provides Local Residents with Access to High-Precision Radiotherapy Designed to Eradicate Tumors While Protecting Healthy Tissues

Modesto, CA, Aug. 26, 2021 – GenesisCare—one of the leading oncology providers in the United States, Australia, Spain, and the United Kingdom—today announced the addition of the new Varian Edge at its Modesto, California location. This innovative technology gives patients the best ‘edge’ in cancer care by delivering best-in-class and precise noninvasive radiotherapy beams within one millimeter to eradicate tumors while protecting healthy tissue. Radiation treatment is recommended to treat various types of cancer, including brain, spine, prostate, breast, and more.

September is prostate cancer awareness month, and according to the American Cancer Society (ACS), California is projected to have the highest estimate of new prostate cancer cases in the nation.

“I am very diligent about getting my annual exam at the local Veterans Hospital, and it was during my checkup that my prostate cancer was diagnosed. This is a very scary moment for anyone, but knowing I had a state-of-the-art radiation center like GenesisCare 15 minutes from my home blew me away,” said Edward Young, current GenesisCare prostate cancer patient. “I often mention to Dr. Ghiam that my commute and radiation treatment takes about the same time! The team at GenesisCare made it easy to access the most advanced form of treatment without having to travel hundreds or thousands of miles. This treatment gives my family and me great peace of mind.”

The ACS projects California men will uncover 25,880 new cases of prostate cancer and 4,140 related deaths in 2021. With a five-year survival rate approaching 100 percent when prostate cancer is diagnosed and treated early, the need for easy access to novel cancer therapy like the Varian Edge is crucial.

“We’re delivering on our promise to bring highly precise radiation treatments, with exceptional cancer control rates, into our Modesto communities, as well as nearby cities. We are proud that we can provide these treatments to local patients with prostate cancer,” said Dr. Alireza Ghiam, MD, Radiation Oncologist for GenesisCare. “These incredibly personalized treatments are delivered with high speed and efficiency and can eradicate tumors with as few as three to five treatment visits. Noninvasive radiation therapy delivered by the Varian Edge helps us serve metastatic cancer patients in a manner that has not previously been available. As a result, our patients’ comfort and potentially positive results increase while side effects decrease.”

“The ability to deliver precise doses to tumors allows us to treat all our patients with accuracy and confidence like never before experienced in Modesto,” said Dr. Vatsal Patel MD, Radiation Oncologist for GenesisCare. “Delivering rapid-fire radiation at a dose six-times greater than standard radiotherapy shortens treatment delivery from months down to days while having the greatest positive impact on patient outcomes.”

As a leading provider of oncology services globally, GenesisCare strives to ensure its patients’ best possible life outcomes by bridging the gap between integrated cancer care, research and development, and medical technology. With its origins in radiation oncology, GenesisCare has, in recent years, expanded its services to include medical oncology, urology, and an innovative form of nuclear medicine.