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GenesisCare Invests in Cutting-Edge Technology and Research to Combat Rising Cancer Trends; Appoints New Global Chief Medical Officer

Executive Director of Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, Group Chairman of NRG Oncology and Internationally Recognized Expert. Dr. Wally Curran Joins the GenesisCare Network

Fort Myers, Fla., U.S. – GenesisCare, one of the leading oncology providers in the United States, Australia, Spain, and the United Kingdom, today announced the appointment of its first Global Chief Medical Officer, Walter J. (Wally) Curran Jr, MD FACR, FASCO. This appointment follows the recent acquisition of integrated cancer care provider 21st Century Oncology, increasing access to advanced cancer care for patients in more than 290 locations across the United States. The appointment is a pivotal step in achieving its mission to ensure as many cancer patients as possible receive the right outcome at the right time, close to home.

With Dr. Curran’s appointment, GenesisCare is committed to expanding its research and clinical trial programs and enhancing patients’ access to evidence-based cancer care. Through such research, GenesisCare noted a 10% increase in patients in the United States presenting with late-stage cancer in 2020 over the previous year. Many in the medical community attribute this to the delays in detection and treatment due to the COVID pandemic. GenesisCare reaffirms its commitment to bringing access to the latest treatment technology, specialists, clinical research, and facilities to its local communities in 440 locations across the globe.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Curran as the new Global Chief Medical Officer of GenesisCare. Wally is a highly respected and world-renowned expert and innovator in oncology. He is also driven by the same mission as GenesisCare, to increase access to the highest quality of cancer care so our patients can achieve their best possible life outcomes,” said Dan Collins, Founder and Global Chief Executive Officer of GenesisCare.

“With our recent expansion into the United States and our continued growth and research and development in Australia, Spain and the United Kingdom, Dr. Curran will play an instrumental role in raising the bar for cancer care across the globe,” stated Mr. Collins.

Dr. Curran currently serves as the Executive Director of the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University and the Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar and Chair in Cancer Research, the Lawrence W. Davis Professor and Chairman of Emory’s Department of Radiation Oncology, and a Group Chairman of NRG Oncology, a National Cancer Institute- a funded national cancer clinical trials cooperative group. Dr. Curran will retain his leadership role in NRG Oncology.

“Dr. Curran is not only a world-renowned physician, but he has also held leadership positions at cancer centers and academic medical centers around the U.S. As we embark on this next phase and emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we must build upon our already highly respected clinical leadership team to bring fresh approaches, clinical excellence, and the empathy our team has come to be known for,” continued Mr. Collins.

As a leading provider of oncology services globally, GenesisCare strives to ensure the best possible life outcomes for its patients by bridging the gap between integrated cancer care, research and development, and medical technology. GenesisCare recently invested over $300 million to upgrade technology and cancer treatment services across the United States. With its origins in radiation oncology, GenesisCare has expanded its services to include medical oncology, urology, surgical oncology, and a cutting-edge form of nuclear medicine.

“GenesisCare has a clear purpose and mission to improve patient access and achieve the best possible life outcomes for its patients. I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact GenesisCare is already having on local U.S. communities through its innovative and patient-driven approach to cancer care,” stated Dr. Curran

“My mission throughout my career has been to put my patients first, challenge the boundaries of cancer care, never stop learning, and never stop aligning research with care and understanding our technological possibilities. GenesisCare is at the forefront of marrying the best clinical care practices with the most advanced technologies, methodologies, and research. I am honored and excited to join the team,” continued Dr. Curran.

For more information on GenesisCare, visit genesiscare.com (formally 21st Century Oncology). To view the full list of precautions GenesisCare US centers are taking to ensure patient and staff safety, visit https://author.genesiscare.com/us/covid-19/.