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GenesisCare Brings Florida Cancer Patients First-of-its-Kind Ethos™ Adaptive Intelligence™ Technology

Naples, FL, Feb. 4, 2021 – GenesisCare—one of the leading oncology providers in the United States, Australia, Spain, and the United Kingdom—today announced the addition of a game-changing adaptive therapy, the Varian Ethos™. Designed to create customized cancer-fighting treatments, this technology targets tumors and accounts for body changes and shrinking cancers. Personalized patient care is one of GenesisCare’s commitments to the community, and this treatment helps put the patient at the center of care. This technology allows oncologists to quickly adapt treatment plans based on their ability to view daily changes in the patient’s anatomy. What used to take two-three days now takes 15-minutes.

“Ethos is one of the most unique and impactful technology tools for taking action against cancer because it allows up-to-the-moment changes in radiation delivery calculations, so we maximize the cure rate while minimizing any side effects to healthy tissue,” said Dr. Timothy Kerwin, Radiation Oncology Specialist for GenesisCare.

As we approach Cancer Awareness Month (February) and see patient numbers presenting with late-stage cancer rise due to delayed testing/treatment during COVID, this new technology is just in time to raise the bar in cancer treatment. Nearly a years-worth of pandemic interrupted lives has shown an increase of late state cancer by 20% on average in the U.S. and 27% in the U.K. means this technology is the game-changer doctors and patients need to make a positive impact on treatment outcomes. With trends showing an increased risk of mortality for breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer between 1.2 to 3.2 percent and a decrease in survival for each day treatment is delayed beyond nine weeks, the need for powerful radiotherapy like Ethos is now.

This comprehensive technology better targets tumors by monitoring and modifying treatment based on specific patient needs throughout the cancer care process. Radiation doses are now reduced to healthy tissue and organs, improving overall outcomes.

GenesisCare patient Michael Harms, diagnosed with prostate cancer in October 2020, completed 43 days of scanning in record time right before Christmas. “I feel lucky to
have access to customized radiation plans that targeted my cancer using advanced-scanning technology located close to my home,” said Harms.

“It is a privilege to be the first cancer center in Florida, and one of the first nationwide, to offer this adaptive radiotherapy advancement to our patients,” stated Dr. Kerwin. “The addition of this technology is a testament to GenesisCare’s commitment to delivering an elite level of care that has no bounds.”

As a leading provider of oncology services globally, GenesisCare strives to ensure its patients’ best possible life outcomes by bridging the gap between integrated cancer care, research and development, and medical technology. With its origins in radiation oncology, GenesisCare has, in recent years, expanded its services to include medical oncology, urology, and a cutting-edge form of nuclear medicine.

For more information on GenesisCare, visit genesiscare.com (formally 21st Century Oncology). To view the full list of precautions GenesisCare US centers are taking to ensure patient and staff safety, visit https://www.genesiscare.com/us/covid-19/