TRUS biopsy

Transrectal ultrasound biopsy

A TRUS (trans-rectal ultrasound) biopsy involves the insertion of a small ultrasound probe into the back passage to create an image of the prostate gland during the biopsy. This enables us to see where we are taking samples from in the prostate. We will use an MRI scan that we have already taken as a reference tool during the biopsy. It can guide us to the areas in the prostate where tumours have been detected.

Tiny needles are used to take the prostate tissue samples, which are then examined under a microscope to look for abnormal cells.

The combination of multiparametric MRI and TRUS biopsy means that we can be very accurate with the selection of tissue for examination and in most cases, a TRUS biopsy is the method of choice for suspected prostate cancer.

What to expect during a TRUS biopsy

Biopsies can be uncomfortable, so we use a local anaesthetic to reduce any discomfort during a TRUS biopsy.

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