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As a global organisation with over 440 centres in the UK, USA, Australia and Spain, GenesisCare uses its experience and resources to evaluate and invest early in new evidence-based cancer diagnostics, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Theranostics. Our multi-modality and multidisciplinary approach allows us to collaborate with healthcare professionals who share our vision to ensure fast access to world-class cancer care.

GenesisCare has 14 specialist oncology outpatient centres in the UK and works with over 750 oncologists and surgeons to design and deliver cancer pathways that improve life outcomes for our patients.


Our diagnostic services

Our comprehensive diagnostic services cover all modalities, including pathology, radiology and genetics. We also offer rapid access diagnostic clinics for breast, prostate, haematology and head and neck.

  1. Pathology

    Our pathology service covers many different specialties, including breast and prostate.

    We offer:

    • Biopsy including fine needle aspiration, core biopsy, image-guided biopsy, TRUS, vector biopsy, transperineal biopsy
    • Blood testing
    • Colposcopy
    • Cystoscopy
    • Smear test
    • Kidney function tests
    • Urine cytology tests
    • Urodynamic tests
    • Blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, eGFR
    • I-PSS (International Prostate Symptom Score)
    • Urinalysis and urine microscopy and culture
  2. Radiology

    Our expert nuclear medicine physicians, radiographers and radiologists use the latest-generation technology to perform and interpret scans.

    We offer:

    • CT
    • Digital X-ray
    • Digital mammography
    • Fluoroscopy
    • MRI including fMRI and mpMRI, whole-body MRI
    • PET/CT including PSMA PET/CT and SPECT/CT
    • Ultrasound including breast, renal tract and abdominal
    • Bladder scan
  3. Genetic and genomic testing

    We use genomic profiling in the diagnostic pathway for all solid tumours, leukaemias, lymphomas and sarcomas.

    We also offer BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 genetic testing for breast and ovarian screening.

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We are recognised by all the leading private medical insurance providers and can support patients with insurance approvals. Patients also have the option to self-fund. A full list of self-pay prices is available from our centres.

Our expert patient enquiry line can explain how private cancer treatment works and what patients need to do to access it.


Scan Price (from)

MRI breast 1 part

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MRI breast 2 parts

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MRI multiparametric

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Ultrasound breast 1 part

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Ultrasound breast 2 parts

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Ultrasound prostate

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Ultrasound bladder

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PET/CT half body

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CT kidney, ureter and bladder

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CT renal

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Working with us

We invite you to apply for practising privileges at a GenesisCare centre. This will enable you to carry out your own diagnostic procedures on-site.

If you have practising privileges with us, we can help you with setting up your private practice including advice on secretarial support, practice management systems, marketing and free consultation rooms and education and engagement events.

Four quick steps

Apply to practise with us

Email your local Referrer Engagement Manager on, who will walk you through the process

Build your private practice

Your REM will help you to build your referral network and to develop your private practice

Register for the online portal

Contact your REM for a login and training session so you can easily refer patients via our secure online portal. Or fill in a referral form and hand it to the centre

Confirming scans and tests

GenesisCare will liaise over scans, tests and results


Patient safety is at the heart of what we do. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission and have a comprehensive governance framework that ensures safe treatment protocols, evaluates consultant practising privileges and reviews cases outside standard treatment protocols.

We have Clinical Reference Groups specialising in breast, prostate, SABR and neuro-oncology who oversee the continuous process of clinical evaluation, using peer-group collaboration and data-driven insights to design and implement standardised treatment protocols across our centres.

Consultant-led collaboration is delivered through multidisciplinary teams, and we are currently rolling out our eMDT programme.

Our centres


Little Aston Hall Drive, Sutton Coldfield, B74 3BF

+44 (0)121 514 1185


300 Park Avenue, Aztec West, Bristol, BS32 4SY

+44 (0)1454 642801


Fordham Rd, Newmarket CB8 7XN, UK

+44 (0)1223 633 664


Springfield Cancer Centre, Lawn Lane, Chelmsford, CM1 7GU

+44 (0)1245 676 351

Cromwell Hospital

164-178 Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW5 0TU, UK

+44 (0)203 613 9355


Unit 710, Centennial Park, Centennial Avenue, Elstree, Borehamwood, WD6 3SZ

+44 (0)203 613 9356


BMI St Martha Oncology Centre, 46 Harvey Road, Guildford, GU1 3LX

+44 (0)1483 676 898


17 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, ME19 4UA

+44 (0)1732 386 599

Milton Keynes

GenesisCare, Sunrise Parkway, Linford Wood, East, Milton Keynes MK14 6LS, UK

+44 (0)1908 448 166


The Park Centre for oncology, Sherwood Lodge Drive, Burntstump Country Park, Nottingham, NG5 8RX

+44 (0)1156 762 989


Peters Way, Sandy Lane West, Oxford, OX4 6LB

+44 (0)1865 224 884


Bartons Road, Havant, PO9 5NA

+44 (0)23 9280 0102


Spire Hospital, Chalybeate Close, Southampton, SO16 6UY

+44 (0)238 008 5138


69 Alma Road, Windsor, SL4 3HD

+44 (0)1753 465 493

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