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When benign degenerative conditions, such as osteoarthritis, do not improve with conventional treatments, they can be treated with low-dose radiation therapy.
These radiotherapy treatments are widely used in Europe, especially in England or Germany, with a 90% improvement in joint pain of treated patients.

What are benign conditions?

They are quite common conditions that affect our quality of life. They can be degenerative (such as osteoarthritis) or proliferative (such as keloids) or soft tissue inflammatory (such as Graves´ ophthalmopathy). Among the most common are:

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How does radiation therapy work?

Radiotherapy produces three beneficial effects on these pathologies: anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative and immunomodulatory effects.
Radiotherapy, when delivered at low doses, is a safe treatment with virtually no toxicity and very comfortable for the patient. Normally, a few sessions of less than 15 minutes are delivered. It is painless, does not interfere with the daily activity of the patient and it does not require sedation, fasting nor observation after each session.

Artrosis de rodilla

Knee osteoarthritis (Gonarthrosis)

Osteoarthritis of the knee (Gonarthrosis) is a frequent cause of both pain and functional limitation.

Treatment with radiotherapy is indicated for elderly patients preferably. The effectiveness of treatment with low doses of radiotherapy has been confirmed in many clinical trials, showing:

  • Improvements in joint pain in up to 90% of treated patients.
  • Complete response in 12-25% of patients.
Artrosis de cadera

Hip osteoarthritis (Coxarthrosis)

It is caused by the deterioration of the cartilage that covers the surfaces of the bones that form the hip joint. The main symptom is a pain focused on the groin and it sometimes radiates to the knee. Over time, it limits the ability to move and makes walking difficult.

Treatment with radiotherapy reduces the inflammation produced by bone degeneration and mitigates pain, facilitating mobility.

Artrosis del dedo pulgar (Rizartrosis)

Thumb Osteoarthritis (Rizarthrosis)

Thumb Osteoarthritis is the wear on the joint that joins the thumb to the wrist. It can be caused by aging or by the repetition of movements at work, sports or even by using a mobile phone. The thumb helps us to manipulate or catch objects. If its movement is painful it is highly incapacitating.

Some studies indicate that after radiotherapy treatments, a partial or complete remission of pain is achieved in 70% of treated patients.

Fascitis plantar

Plantar fasciitis

The plantar fascia is the thick tissue that covers the bones at the base of the foot. When the tissue is stretched or overloaded, an inflammation or swelling that is known as plantar fasciitis occurs.

Most medications provide short term pain relief. Radiotherapy is a harmless procedure that reduces the inflammation that occurs with plantar fasciitis and improves quality of life.

Enfermedad de Dupuytren

Dupuytren's disease

This condition affects the tissue that connects the palm of the hand with the fingers. It usually starts with a small lump in the area of the palm folds.

Progressively, the nodule grows and transform into cords along tendons. These cords thicken and contract the affected fingers towards the palm. Over time, the affected person will not be able to open his hand.
Radiation can inhibit the development of the contracture, especially in early stages of the disease. The reduction of the swelling increases patient´s quality of life.

Queloides surgidos en la espalda


Keloids are one of the problems that arise with the healing process. It is a skin lesion caused by an excessive growth of scar tissue. Keloids may appear after repeated surgeries in the same location, burns, etc. and are the benign pathology most frequently treated with radiotherapy.

In Keloids surgery, recurrence rates of the condition are higher than 80%. Radiation therapy with electrons is the only treatment that has proved to reduce recurrence after surgery.

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