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Dr Taching Tan

Dr Taching Tan
FRACP, FAChPM, MBBS (Hons), BBA (Hons), Palliative Care Physician

Languages spoken

English, Mandarin

Expert in

Palliative care



Hurstville (Oncology)
Hurstville (Oncology)
-33.96416762029818, 151.1004695691989

Specialises in

Palliative care
Speciality/Palliative Care Physician


Palliative radiation therapy
Service/Cancer/Radiation Oncology
Service/Cancer/Radiation Oncology/Palliative Radiation Therapy

Special clinical interest in palliative care.

Dr Taching Tan is a dual trained physician in geriatric medicine (FRACP) and palliative medicine (FaChPM). He studied a Bachelor of Medicine at the University of Sydney and completed his physician training at Westmead and Blacktown followed by specialist training in geriatric medicine and palliative medicine in a number of hospitals including Blacktown hospital, Nepean hospital, Concord hospital and St George hospital.

Taching is passionate about the relief of suffering and maintaining his patient’s quality of life especially in the geriatric setting. The skills that he acquired in both specialties will complement each other in potentially providing a better outcome for patients who are living longer but who mostly will spend the last days of life living with disabilities or chronic illness.

Taching is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians and RACP Chapter of Palliative Medicine. He has completed a Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons) and is able to speak and write in Mandarin.